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Mobii Green Energy is a leading provider of comprehensive ESG and renewable energy transformation solutions. With its innovative solutions and complete green energy services, Mobii Green Energy has become a trusted partner in the industry. We hold a renewable energy sales license issued by the Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs. Our services include buying and selling green energy, energy creation, charging, storage, energy-saving, carbon footprint evaluation, carbon trading, and more. We also provide three major solution categories, namely green transformation, digital transformation, and sustainable branding, to help customers achieve ESG transformation and sustainable development goals. We are building a global ESG green service ecosystem with a “cross-border, cross-sector, connectivity, and win-win” service spirit. By connecting global partners and customer resources, we help customers achieve their goals of reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and going green, thereby realizing corporate ESG transformation and sustainable development.
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Mobii Green Power provides three core solutions

Advanced Application Materials Research and Sales.
Innovative products can enhance the energy generation efficiency of existing materials, reduce investment costs, energy consumption, and environmental impact through material science research and application. These products are widely used in solar photovoltaic, batteries, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction industries.
ESG Green Digital Transformation
One-stop Solution
We provide comprehensive carbon reduction and renewable energy transformation solutions for our clients, including power sales, generation, energy storage, energy efficiency, EV charging stations, energy management, and carbon footprint management. We offer one-stop services for global planning, deployment, operation, and maintenance tailored to different industries and fields.
Global ESG Ecosystem Collaboration Model
By building a global ESG collaborative ecosystem, we connect global partners and customer resources to provide low-cost, easy-to-implement, high-quality technology, solutions, and services, driving partners towards ESG sustainability development.

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Mobii New Materials
Applying innovative material technology, developing various materials that can improve power generation efficiency, reduce production costs, and minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, and widely applied to solar photovoltaic, battery, manufacturing, construction materials, and agriculture and fisheries industries.
Mobii Sustainable Travel
We promote smart, low-carbon, and sustainable tourism, assisting related industries such as hotels, tourist factories, and scenic spots to complete ESG green digital upgrades and transformations, in response to the international trend of sustainable green tourism.
Mobii Esgplus Media
We focus on reporting high-quality ESG content media, paying attention to and introducing the latest developments in ESG across various industries. We also promote the concept of green consumption among the public, promoting new green lifestyles in daily activities such as dining, accommodation, travel, shopping, and entertainment.
Mobii Green Retails
Mobii Green Life is a cross-border ESG membership platform that offers value-added services to government agencies, corporate employees, and brand members. These services include green electricity rate discounts, consumption discounts, and travel discounts, encouraging companies to lead by example and promote a transition towards a greener lifestyle for everyone.

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