Mobii New Materials
The disruption and innovation of materials are the secret weapons to accelerate the transformation of energy and industry. Mobii New Material application revolutionizes material technology by developing various materials that can improve power generation efficiency, reduce production costs, and minimize energy consumption and environmental impacts. These materials are widely used in solar photovoltaics, batteries, manufacturing, construction materials, and agriculture and fishery industries.
Mobii Green Logistics
Mobii Green Logistics is an efficient and intelligent green logistics platform that connects multiple transportation modes between cities, promotes the use of green logistics vehicles, and provides point-to-point low-carbon logistics services.
Mobii Sustainable Travel
We promote smart, low-carbon, and sustainable tourism, assisting related industries such as hotels, tourist factories, and scenic spots to complete ESG green digital upgrades and transformations, in response to the international trend of sustainable green tourism.
Mobii Esgplus Media
We focus on reporting high-quality ESG content media, paying attention to and introducing the latest developments in ESG across various industries. We also promote the concept of green consumption among the public, promoting new green lifestyles in daily activities such as dining, accommodation, travel, shopping, and entertainment.
Mobii Green Retails
Mobii Green Life is a cross-border ESG membership platform that offers value-added services to government agencies, corporate employees, and brand members. These services include green electricity rate discounts, consumption discounts, and travel discounts, encouraging companies to lead by example and promote a transition towards a greener lifestyle for everyone.
Mobii Global Mobility as a Service
Mobii Green Energy aims to achieve Global Mobility as a Service (GMaaS) in Taiwan and become a global hub for smart city transportation. With a focus on Taiwan, it has issued transportation cards in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Nanjing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong, linking local transportation and lifestyle services to provide green travel benefits. Mobi Green Energy strives to become the center of the global public transportation network.
Mobii GeniusAI

Justka is a self-developed automated service system based on NLP chatbot technology. It provides intelligent customer service, conversational commerce, social CRM, and customized enterprise process tools, offering more intelligent and convenient solutions for digital transformation.